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Formula Sheets and Reference Material

Formula sheets have been made available by many examining authorities at their websites and are normally available for use during the formal exam. It is always sensible to use the latest available formula sheets for your maths and physics exams. We have collected here a number of formula sheets that may be of general use. A larger collection of formula sheets on specific maths topics is available in the skills quizzes and exams.

Each formula sheet below will open in a separate window and it is envisaged that the student can refer to it there as needed or print out a reference copy.

Autotutor formula sheets for use with practice exams available here:

Graphic concept illustrations produced by Maplesoft

This includes many excellent high school level concept illustrations. See for example: Vertex of a parabola, Mortgage, Pythagorean theorem – visual proof, Circle properties, Normal distribution, and Vector addition

India CBSE notes

The following helpful unofficial notes and formula sheets for Indian CBSE Maths have been made freely available at These may also be useful for other curricula.

Further reference material:

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