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Autotutor Scholarships

Although we are a private business and wish to make money, another of our motivations is to help people to learn and succeed in life, regardless of whether they can afford or wish to pay us.

We are therefore offering a limited number of Autotutor Scholarships to students who hold a free Autotutor licence and have demonstrated a strong work ethic by answering correctly a significant number of practise questions on our website.

Our criterion for eligibility for a scholarship is: within a year, score 50 total marks in Autotutor tests with a success rate of at least 60%.

If you meet this criterion, an application form will appear on the results page when you are logged into Autotutor.

The scholarship provides the student with a one year student licence to Autotutor.

Join Autotutor for free and start answering questions to become eligible for a scholarship. We have had scholarship winners from India, Bangladesh, The Philippines, and Australia. You are welcome to join them.