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About Autotutor and How to Contact Us

Autotutor was founded in 2016 by Dr Mike McDonnell and Tom McDonnell in Melbourne, Australia.

The Autotutor Team

Mike face photo.

Mike McDonnell holds a Ph.D. in electrical engineering, and worked as a research scientist for over twenty five years. He was involved with digital image processing, remote sensing, geophysics and the space program. His work experience includes periods at University of Canterbury, Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (New Zealand), U.S. Geological Survey, University of Maryland and BHP. He has also taught at university level, and has more recently worked as director and owner of a financial planning business. He is now involved in the development of Autotutor as an efficient and targeted learning tool.

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Tom McDonnell almost completed a bachelor's degree in computer systems engineering, but left in his final year to pursue an employment opportunity. Since 2007 he has been working professionally as a computer programmer. Tom remembers what it was like to study for exams, and believes that period of his life would have been easier if he had access to Autotutor. Tom is also joint Founder and Lead Developer of Flatpack Apps - a tool for rapid online database development. In 2022 his interests in software and education led him to a software development role at Schoolbox.


Use the contact form below or our facebook page to contact us.

We welcome reports on any issues you may have found in Autotutor, and any suggestions for improvement.

The easiest way to provide feedback on a particular exam question is via the comments link on the results page at the end of an exam or quiz.

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