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Autotutor Maths Practice Testimonials

Early user:
I like the personalised nature of Autotutor and the ability to do full or part exams at home and at my own pace. The skills test are a great preliminary to the exams. They showed the areas for me to concentrate on before attempting the exams.
Keen user:
I find that the more I practise the better I get. This shows in my school exams as well. The skills tests have been good to build up my confidence.
3/11/2018. In response to mental arithmetic question: My friend Fred can do this in his head. You can too if you think it through.
Answer 2, also in head. What’s so special about your friend Fred. Abdul age 12.
25/1/2019 SP to friends:
You guys need to click the link, solve all questions and post the result if you really wanna show off.
15/4/2019 Anon:
Send harder questions.
6/8/2019 MDF:
Yesterday I had maths test and they had give this question and I've done it so well that the teacher may fall sick 😂
13/3/2020 Anon:
Good question paper.
23/3/2020 SC:
It is so easy for the students of class 8th x is 55 degree
25/3/2020 Mother of winner of Autotutor scholarship:
Wonderful, thanks, I’m so proud of her!
30/4/2020 NR:
I love the page on Autotutor.
2/4/2020 WRW:
Triangle concept are my favorite branch in maths. We can find X by different method but answer will be 55 degree.
16/6/2020 AAT:
try to click the pic and choose your answers wisely. your graded answers will be shown in the end of the quiz. I like it a lot. itz challenging and it'll make you think.
18/6/2020 SSM:
Hi sir, I have seen your advertisement and attempted all the questions. I am very much appreciated with the questions.
29/6/2020 Autotutor Scholarship winner FDR:
This is very helpful and a great help to every student and Math enthusiast. And I believe that this should be known all over the world and I'm expecting more math problems to come.
18/8/2020 halfpennysworth:
This is amazingly good. I want to learn more.
22/10/2020 Autotutor Scholarship winner TA:
Please keep it up. It is so helpful for us.
12/2/2021 Grateful user:
Thank you for questions. And I got so much help from this website and the questions are very nice.
2/1/2023 HomeworkProdigy:
I found the solutions very helpful and easy to follow. Your website is great! I got started on a few of the skills level 1, which are more challenging but at a good level. The hints and solutions have also helped with things I do not know.