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Frequently Asked Questions

How large is your database of questions?
Over 3000 questions and growing. For each available exam, we have about five exams worth of questions. Each Autotutor practice exam or quiz consists of randomly selected questions, and each time a question is presented the order of the answer options is randomized too. We think it unlikely that anyone will find repeat questions to be a problem.
Autotutor gives me an advantage in studying for my exams. Is this fair on other students?
Many students have advantages through such things as private schools, selective schools, private tutors, family wealth etc. It is only reasonable that you should take advantage of what opportunities you have to improve your skills, exam prospects and career prospects. Autotutor has been designed to help high school students.
Can I use Autotutor even if I am not at secondary school?
Of course you can. The earlier you develop your skills the better you will do in the exams when you do them. It is good for you and fun to learn efficiently. Your performance at school will also improve.
Can I use Autotutor even though I am in year 12 and do not live in Victoria or New South Wales?
Of course you can. Exams at year 12 (or equivalent) level are quite similar around Australia and around the world and skills are universal. Autotutor can help you wherever you are.
Is it really possible for me to make a difference to my results through extra work and regular exam practise?
Of course it is. If you would like extra inspiration see the 1988 movie Stand and Deliver which is based on a true story in Los Angeles, California. Or, read the Wikipedia page about the story.
I am a Chinese student coming to study in Australia? Can I use Autotutor to improve my science and English skills at the same time?
Of course you can. Autotutor can help build your skills in both of these areas.
What are NAPLAN numeracy tests?
These are Australia wide tests held each May for years 3, 5, 7 and 9. The official NAPLAN website is We offer unofficial practise tests for years 7 and 9 that are of a similar standard to actual past official exams. This site is not officially endorsed by the NAPLAN program. It has been produced independently.
What if I find the exams too hard at first?
Concentrate first on the NAPLAN and skills exercises and when you have mastered these then move on to the exams.
Does Autotutor have a relationship with the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA)?
No. We are independent. VCAA set the official VCE exams in Victoria.
Do you charge Australian GST on all your prices?
Yes. This is because we provide our service in Australia.
What is your privacy policy?
We keep client information private. We do not release it to third parties. Payments are carried out through PayPal, which means we do not store credit card information.
What tangible benefits can I expect to see from using Autotutor?
Your exam marks at high school in NAPLAN tests, general maths and physics, Mathematical Methods, Further Mathematics, Physics and related subjects should gradually improve as you gain in understanding and confidence.
Can you please give a more detailed example of how a student may sensibly use Autotutor over a few years?
Consider a year 10 student who starts using Autotutor for VCE Mathematical Methods. Initially only some of the skills areas will have been taught in class. Master these areas first. Then move on to other skills areas as they are taught. Then move on to Exam 1 and then Exam 2 once enough skills have been learnt. By the time you finish year 12 you should be in a very good position.
Has this site been prepared by qualified teachers?
No. However our team does have relevant mathematics, science and engineering qualifications. We do not guarantee the accuracy of the site content, but use our best efforts to ensure that it is accurate.
Can Autotutor be run from a mobile phone or a tablet?
Are worked solutions provided for every question?
Yes, except for some easy questions where we thought a worked solution was not needed. If you find an error please let us know and we will fix it.