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Ask Guru Mike

What is a good education?
It can be thought of as the drawing out of your abilities to enable lifelong development of wisdom, knowledge and skills. This is traditionally based around schools but this only the start of the journey. It is a very sad thing if children do not have access to a good education. It is even sadder if they do not make good use of the opportunity they are given. Your education has a big influence on your path through life.
What should be my initial education aim?
A good high school education is a reasonable aim. You should try to gain enough skills to move on to whatever career or courses you choose.
What is more important: skills or exam results?
Personal skills are much more important as these are with you for life. However, it is a practical reality that you need to pass some particular exams to proceed to your chosen next step. So exams are important.
Can you help me?
With our Autotutor exam practise system we can help you learn high school maths and physics. Maths is important because it underlies many careers and subjects. It also helps you to learn to think. Physics is very dependent on maths, which is why we have included it. It is well worthwhile to invest time and effort in yourself.
Why would you bother to help me?
We think the student who wants to learn deserves to be helped. When the student is ready the teacher will appear.
What will increase my enthusiasm for learning?
Enthusiasm is within you. Sometimes it comes when you discover the joy of learning. Sometimes it is when a teacher or parent ignites a spark of confidence within you.
What must I do to pass my high school maths exams?
Diligently follow your teacher’s instructions. It is also sensible to do what extra you reasonably can to improve your skills. This is where Autotutor comes in. It is easier to learn if you are somewhat ahead of your class. As a free or paid member, you should work through the appropriate exercises at Autotutor for you, taking advantage of the solutions and formula sheets available. You can do this by yourself or better still under the supervision of a teacher or parent.
How important is practice?
Many students do not perform to their potential in exams. A student capable of scoring 90% for example may only score 60%. This is usually because of lack of confidence in using the knowledge they have or carelessness. In either case practice with Autotutor will help.
How will I know I am making good progress?
Your marks and confidence will improve. You will gradually find the questions easier and will move on to new topics and levels.
How long should it take to learn high school maths?
A high school course usually takes six years or so. But you can learn much more quickly if you wish. The effort you put in is up to you. As a general rule, it is much better to study for 30 minutes in a concentrated way than for an hour in a distracted half-hearted way.
What if I get to university and find my maths skills are not good enough?
You can use Autotutor to catch up quickly, and the university may help. Nevertheless, it is much better to learn high school maths at high school and university level maths at university. Otherwise the risk is that you fail the university course because you did not get a proper grounding at high school.
Should I tell all my friends about Autotutor?
Of course. Your friends aren't going to thank you if you don't tell them.
Can a tutor use Autotutor to earn an income by teaching students maths and physics?
Of course. The first thing to do is purchase a suitable parent or teacher licence. Then set appropriate assignments to your students and assist them in understanding solutions as needed. This will save you time from setting and marking questions so that you can focus on the more important task of teaching. This will help both you and your students. You can manage students in person or over the internet.